Friday, February 24, 2006

Unconnected Friday Thoughts

We're just gonna present a few links for entertainment and random thoughts from your news desk at 64th and Broadway this Friday am for your pleasure.

1. Here is some late breaking, and not so local news. This just in from our news desk in Sweeden. Jens Lekman is one of the best songwriters out there right now. I had the pleasure of seeing him in Bloomington last year. I actually went to the show by myself. A hipster like me, attending a show by himself? It's true ladies. At any rate, the show was incredible, it was a happy vibe throughout. He had songs by the bucketload, including many I hadn't yet heard. I spent too much money on gas and Dewars that evening to by any ep's but Jens is a man of the people. On his website, here, he has presents for you and me. It's like Christmas in February. Or like an extended Valentines day. If "Someone to share my life with" doesn't get you, you may just be heartless.

2. Supposedly Michael Haneke's new film Cache. is finally playing in Indy this weekend. I hope to see it, but will likely need to wait till next weekend. Watching the trailer makes this film seem brutally intense. If you have seen anything else by Haneke I would guess thats to be expected. Both Funny Games and The Piano Teacher left me feeling like I had been hit by a 2x4 repeatedly. Haneke excels at making the viewer feel uncomfortable throughout the whole movie. I'm hooked on his stuff though I probably shouldn't be. Each of his films has been an emotional bludgeoning. I can't wait to see Cache though. At the very least it will, like his other films definately inspire a response.

3. We are getting closer and closer to opening kick for MLS. Check out here a huge billboard to be put up on High Street in Downtown Columbus as the world gets ready to crown Your Columbus Crew 2006 MLS Cup Champions. That's just great advertising and the buzz around the Crew under new coach Sigi Schmid is higher than it has been in years.

Seems like thats it for now. Happy Friday, angels.


Chelsey said...

It's 'Crew' not 'the Crew', part-timer. :P

Anonymous said...

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