Monday, February 06, 2006

More Music, more football...

Pitchfork today had an interview with Matt from The National. It was a pretty decent interview where you find out among other things that The National beat buzz band of 2005 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! in the indie rock soccer showdown. Whatever the hell that is, I have no idea. But good job to the boys in The National.

I lucked into their last CD Aligator sometime round the beginning of the summer as a friend gave it to me. The first few listens I liked it, but then songs were just stuck in my head weeks down the line. In the interview there is talk of the album being a grower, and that's certainly the case. The lyrics are a bit out there and can be sung in happy times and sad and feel like they are completely talking about your situation. Matt talks about how he wanted to avoid the "ALL CAPS" lyrics in writing this album, meaning apparently stuff that only sounds good once, or is too direct. I guess he achieved that result, and you wind up having memorable couplets like...

"hey love, we'll get away with it. we'll run like we're awesome, totally genius" or...

"you know you have a permanent piece...of my medium sized american heart"

Just written out like that they don't look like much, but throughout the course of the album it all comes together wonderfully. Let me just say this. Come the end of summer, my car was broken into. Four cd's were stolen, Love - Forever Changes, Best of Jonathon Richman, Buffalo Tom - Big Red Letter Day (who the hell steals a Buffalo Tom CD, honestly? Gilmore Girls fans?), and this National CD. The other three may be classics, at least of their time or era. Yet, the National is the only CD I re-purchased. Jangly, slinky guitars, subtle nearly monotone vocal delivery, and great lyrics. I just couldn't pass it up. It definately was one of my favorite albums of the past year.

- Well unless you were under a rock you know the Steelers won the Superbowl yesterday. Now, I am of course a Philadelphia Eagles fan, but I definately was pulling for the Steelers to win. My extended family for the most part still lives in Pittsburgh, and it was good to know they will be happy with the win. Highlights of the day included...

1. Talking to my Grandma after the game, hearing her talk about Fireworks going off down the street from her house and how she wished I could be there.

2. Talking briefly to my Dad after the game and knowing how happy he was.

3. The company I had while watching the game. Nobody really cared about the game so much other than me a bit, but everyone was eating, smiling, and laughing during the game. And I guess that means the BBQ Tempeh, cookies, and dip I made all came out well.

4. Seeing Jerome Bettis, an ex ND football player hold up the SupeBowl trophy in his last game. That was pretty cool.

And perhaps, thats all for today.

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