Monday, February 27, 2006

Current read - Odile by Raymond Queneau

Over the weekend I picked up a new book to start on. Odile, by Raymond Queneau. I knew nothing of this book, never had even heard of it, until I watched the extras on the Criterion Collection DVD of Band of Outsiders. Anna Karina's character is named Odile, and it was apparently a nod to this book. According to the extras there are numerous references to this book throughout the film, and as the film has instantly moved up to an all time favorite for me, i figured I may as well read the book to.

I had only read the introduction by the translator so far, and 7 pages of the book. I can tell I am going to like the style of the prose. But more than that I think the inner hopeless romantic in me may like the overall theme. Carol Saunders, the translator, says in the introduction...

"Most important however in the context of Odile is the fact that love of one woman as a redeeming force leading to self knoweledge was a constant theme for the surrealists."

It's a nice thought in a overly romantic way, at least to me...


nico said...

I need you to email me a list of modern European & American stuff for me to check out. I've been reading nonfiction and Asian literature for ages and need to branch out some more.

scot said...

Well I think this Queneau is from the 1930's, so I am unsure if that is modern enough for you. At any rate, I seem to go in spurts as far as reading goes, though I have been pretty consistent in 2006.

And whatever I reccomend to you will not likely be nearly as good as Mishima.

One I would heartily reccomend though is The Brothers K by David James Duncan which may be my favorite book not titled Spring Snow

nico said...

I'm basically talking 1900 and after.

Yeah, there is little likely to be as good as Mishima. You don't get nominated for the Nobel Prize for literature three times and completely suck.


scot said...

i know i am gonna spell his last name wring, but have you read any kazou igouisi? he wrote remains of the day and while we were orphans. he's asian and post 1900!

i love that guy.