Sunday, February 05, 2006

4 PM Super Bowl Sunday

Go Steelers! Beat Seattle! This guy is into it, even at his weddding! Rock!

- So far today, I have veganized my grandfathers chip dip to bring the Steelers luck. And I have also baked my first successful batch of Cookies in aproximately 5 years. I suck at baking cookies, but todays seem to have come out okay.

- Yesterday I went down to Bloomington and saw Andrew Bird perform live. Links to his stuff are in the previous post below. The show was at Buskirk Chumley theater in Bloomington. I have lived in Indy for 6 years and never been to that theater before. I loved the theater and hope to see another show there soon. Our good friends the Beeler's were able to get us seats in the upper left balcony, first two rows. It was as if we had our own box seats for the show. Pretty neat. The show itself had its high's and lows. Andrew Bird is a helluva musician, songwriter, and performer. He had one other gentleman, Martin Dosh with him on stage. Dosh handled a lot of percussion, keyboards and loops, and Bird played guitar, violin, and did vocals. Now Bird, also loops the hell out of his music. He will start off finger picking his violin and then set it down as a loop. Then he'll go into playing his guitar, whistling, or doing vocals over the loop. I am definately not doing this justice by any means. However, the show was enjoyable. The venue was great, and it was a great time with friends. However, for whatever reason, Andrew Bird didn't really sustain a good momentum throughout the show. Some moments, and some favorite songs were great. His performance was good to, but it didn't leave you on the end of your seat or standing like other great shows. When it ended, I was ready for it to end. That said, his show is definately worth seeing if you haven't seen it, and I'd likely see him again if he comes around. Of course it helps that tickets to his shows are about 1/4 as much as Morrissey or whatever.

- Anyway, gonna get to making BBQ Tempeh now. Go Steelers!

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