Thursday, February 16, 2006

Before I forget, Spring officially began today...

Pitchers and catchers reported to spring training in Clearwater, Florida for the Philadelphia Phillies today. "Pitchers and catchers report today," is one of the finest, sweetest phrases in the english language. It signifies hope, new beginnings, belief, life, love, and happiness. Normally, at least. So why do I have neither a pitcher nor catcher in the photo, but instead Jimmy Rollins? Well, Liebrethal is overpaid at catcher for the Phils. Our minor league up-and-comer Carlos Ruiz won't get a fair chance until Liebrethal is gone. And our pitching staff, outside of Lieber and Myers seems very unsettled. So you get a photo of Jimmy Rollins in the field. Don't forget as well, Jimmy is carrying a 38 game hit streak into this season. So he can swing the bat too. While it's unlikely my Phils will even make the playoffs I have already been planning trips to Cinci and Chicago to see what new and exciting ways they can lose.

Wait, wait this is all wrong. Spring. Training. Hope. Belief. Optimism.

The Phillies will win the World Series. They will win in 6 over the White Sox or Angels. Down with the Mets, Braves, Cubs, and Red Sox. Up with Hope, Belief, and Love. Up with the Phillies. Your 2006 World Series Champions begin their march today.

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