Friday, February 03, 2006

Random Entertainment Ramblings

To the left is Morrissey's new album cover. What's not to love about this guy. Last album he was holding a tommy gun. This album a violin. The new album comes out April 4 in the states. I have heard the first single already and must say, its incredible. Once again I will pay way too much to see him live when he hits the States as well. Morrissey, Depeche Mode, New Order, all bands i pay upwards of $50 to see. I must be insane. [edit: apparently the link to the album cover has been taken down. that's sad, just take my word for it though!)

- The Columbus Crew was reportedly close to signing 22 year old Newcastle United striker Michael Chopra according to a report in this mornings Columbus Dispatch. It fell through, for various reasons, but this is just huge stuff. It shows a totally new direction for the club that he was even on their radar. Three cheers to Sigi Schmid and Mark McCullers. They definately are building a championshiop caliber team.

- Renault F1 officially unveiled their new title challenger the R26 earlier this week in Monaco. If you want to see a cool picture, and an example of just how much work aerodynamic work goes into these cars, clic here. For more news, their Official website.

- Super Bowl XL is this weekend. Go Steelers. Just because I will never see my Eagles win a Super Bowl in my lifetime doesn't mean my dad shouldn't see his team win 5. 5 freakin Super Bowls. I can't even imagine 1. Sheesh.

- This. I just don't even know what to say about that. Good music, terrible idea. I think? Maybe it's brilliant? I am just very confused.

- Finally. Going to see Andrew Bird tomorrow. Definately looking forward to that. Click on the quicktime link to listen to his latest album, here

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