Saturday, February 11, 2006

Random thoughts, Saturday am

- First off I added two links to the side of the page for other blogs I frequent. 11am Air Raid is a great Indianapolis blog. Often times if I don't want to leaf through Nuvo going into the weekend I know more often than not I can check out highlights of the coming weekend from Jim. Whether it be local music, or other interesting stuff. In addition to that he's a soccer fan, he's got some fine taste in music, and a he's standup guy. Eccentric Southern Gentlemen is Joel straight out of Alabama. Posts range from movies, to religion, to soccer, music, and Alabama Crimson Tide football. I visit both sites at least 2-3 times a week. Good stuff, there.

- Speaking of the Southern Gent, he has a good summary of the US v Japan international friendly here.. I only caught the last 1/2 hour but I have the rest on tape. Twellman and Dempsey both look to be showing very well for the Nats recently. I gotta think both make the team at this rate. No significant notes from Columbus Crew players on the field though, sad to say.

- Keeping with sports for a moment we are just 1 month away from the start of the Formula 1 season in Bahrain and I can not wait. Fisichella topped the timesheets yesterday in Jerez while McLaren suffered another engine blowup. The Renaults seem to be the class of the field so far through testing. But though McLaren lost an engine, again, the new livery was unveiled and it looks very sharp.

- An interesting few months of shows is coming up here in Indy. In April I may need to jump into my time capsule and get my mid-90's back as both Dinosaur Jr and Built to Spill come to the Vogue. I saw Built to Spill a few months back and loved em. But I never have seen Dinosaur Jr, so that may win out in the concert budget.

- Well, just one more, that I found now. I got an email this am from the not so fine people at Sony/BMG about a class action lawsuit. I have no idea or not if this is a hoax, but I think it's legit. This is about a class action suit if...

The settlement provides relief for persons who bought, received or used SONY BMG CDs with either XCP or MediaMax software. Under the settlement, any person in possession of an XCP CD can exchange it for a replacement CD, an MP3 download of the same album, and either (a) cash payment of $7.50 and one (1) free album download from a list of 200 albums, or (b) three (3) free album downloads from that list.
Purchasers of CDs containing MediaMax 5.0 software will receive a free
MP3 download of the same album and one (1) additional free album download. Purchasers of CDs containing MediaMax 3.0 software will receive a free MP3 download of the same album.

Anyway the website to file your claim is here. The list of CD's that you may have purchased is, here. So, if like me, you were really confused when you Black Rebel Motorcycle Club cd put crazy stuff all over you computer, file your claim. Get your $7.50. And get some downloads. Damn the man.


nico said...

I got the same email from Sony. I have four CDs off of that list.

scot said...

So you are on the Backstreet Boys mailing list too?

nico said...

D'oh! The secret is out.

Jim said...

Thanks for the plug, Scot.

I have the Dead 60's from that list. Or, more accurately, I had it for about a week and promptly sold it back to Luna after discovering that it pretty much was horrible.

scot said...

no problem bout the plug jim. i haven't heard the dead 60's...i will knock that one off my list now.