Friday, February 10, 2006

A Montion Picture Draft.

Brilliant idea came about on BigSoccer earlier today. A Motion Picture Draft.

19 Participants.
10 Rounds.

The criteria for your picks?

If humanity were destroyed tonight, what movies would you place inside a time capsule to be discovered by either possible survivors, future sentient beings, or aliens?

Movies can be of any period or language. TV shows or music videos are not allowed.

We'll start with ten rounds. The winner will be the one who selects ten movies that the judges feel best offer the greatness of cinema to future civilizations. "Greatness," of course, will be defined by the three judges according to their individual tastes.

My picks will likely be shredded by the judges, but this is gonna be fun nonetheless. And I already have more movies to add to my Netflix queue.



nico said...

My primary objective in participating is in drawing the sanctimonious ire of the judges.

scot said...

i am still angry at you for dr strangelove! i hoped that would last to round 2 or 3! by round 5 i will be drawing at least as much ire as you.

scot said...

I have gotten both of the first two movies I had hoped to get so far.

Round 1 - The Deer Hunter
Round 2 - Band of Outsiders