Thursday, February 16, 2006

Mike Davis - Bloomington Master of Horror

Why not keep with the horror theme today? According to numerous reports Mike Davis will be resigning as Indiana Hoosiers head basketball coach. Many seem to think it was the right time. I agree.

First off, I had a soft spot for IU before I even moved to Indianapolis. I think it was because they beat Syracuse in 1987. Growing up a Villanova fan, I hated Syracuse. My advisor in college was an IU grad, so he would often talk about IU hoops at the beginning of class too. When I moved here it was at the end of the Knight Era, a time better not discussed. Davis came in and coached one of the funnest seasons I've witnessed as a fan of any team when he took IU to the Final Four. I remember telling Ray and Esh before an IU vs Penn St game that IU had the talent that year to be a top 10 team. They only won that game by 8 points. Ray and Esh laughed. I remember watching IU then beat Duke in the sweet 16 with Ray, Mandi, K and other friends. I still owe Mandi money for spackle from that night. At any rate, I remeber how euphoric I was after that win. That season was incredible. Since then it's been all downhill. How many games has this team won on the road in the Big 10 the past 3 seasons? Maybe 5?

Davis never seemed comfortable in his skin at IU. He always seemed very insecure. When things went pear shaped, or when an article was written questioning his credentials Mike Davis showed all the mental fortitude of a 16 year old girl with chronic acne. It wasn't good.

Davis brought some good times, obviously and some big wins. But they were overshadowed by his meltdowns, his insecurity, and a plethora of embarassing losses. The time has come for him to go. It can be debated whether he handled it correctly, but I'm not the one to moderate that debate. His needing to leave has nothing to do with him not being Bobby Knight. This has to do with the simple facts that IU should be the premiere program in the Big 10 year in and year out. History dictates that, Bloomington and all of Indiana expects it. And frankly, they deserve it. It hasn't been that way for a long time. Here is hoping that it gets back that way soon.


Chelsey said...

Fear the Turtle.


scot said...

See ya in the NIT.

Anonymous said...

I'd argue, but Terps still can't beat Clemson. I think I may cry.