Friday, April 14, 2006

Margot @ the Vogue

Last night I finally got around to seeing Margot and the Nuclear So and So's live for the first time. Seemingly all of my friends had already seen them at some point over the past year at The Melody Inn or The Patio or wherever. And I always had something going on or just decided to be lame and not go. It wasn't that I didn't believe them, that the show was great. And it definitely wasn't cause I didn't love their music, cause I do. But, now that they are making it big, when a friend asked me wed if she should pick me up a ticket for the show, my arm needed very little twisting. It's not as if you can count on them playing every month in Indianapolis, now, I would imagine.

I got there a little late and missed the first opener. I got in maybe a few songs into South's set. Truth told, I wasn't paying much attention to their set. Though, the highlight for me had to be their cover of New Order's Bizzare Love Triangle at the end. But, I am a dork who still lists New Order as my favorite band, so yeah.

While not paying so much attebtion to South's set I was just walking around the Vogue and just loving the atmosphere last night. It was almost like a backyard BBQ or something. Everywhere you went it seemed that old friends were running into eachother. Everyone was all smiles. The entire vibe of the show was outstanding. South seemed to be having fun on stage and playing off the positive energy of the crowd.

Before Margot took the stage, Nuclear War by Sun Ra was the final song. I just want to mention that, because I like the song.

I loved, LOVED Margot's set. I tried to lower my expectations coming into the show. I had heard so much positive reviews of their live set, I didn't think it could possibly live up to expectations but it did. Dave Lindquist's review of the show mentioned how the set really kicked off during On a Freezing Chicago Street and I tend to agree. When looking around seeing people smiling sing along, "Your every breath is a gift..." I couldn't help but smile too. Skeleton Key was even better and more energetic than on the album. The whole set flowed together nicely and the crowd was loving all of it. I know I already mentioned the vibe of the evening numerous times, but Margot's music just seemed to fit it perfectly and lift everyone up even more. The final number, all three bands were on stage. And a hula hoop. It shoulda been chaotic, but somehow, it worked. It was just a great evening, and might be one of the top 3 or 4 shows I have ever seen at the Vogue, and that's quite a few.


jamie said...

sweet carrollton...that's about all i have to say. o the delight that was that night.

Nora said...

Great review...I'm really sorry I missed most of the show. I did use your 'backyard BBQ' line in the review I wrote for the Broad Ripple Gazette. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

blog about the new mogwai damnit!

scot said...

nora, it was great seeing you at the show for a brief moment, wish you coulda made the whole thing!

jamie, yes it was a delight. and yeah, the alleycat, great idea on a work night.

anonymous, patience grasshopper....

Jamie said...

i looked for the review in the gazette this morning and couldn't find it. i would love to read it though, what page?