Friday, April 28, 2006

From the Indianapolis Star

I went onto the Indianapolis Star website this am to read up on the crash that killed 4 Taylor University students and came across this article. Really? Wraping up a cat in plastic and kicking it around? Yelling "How does it feel?!" And videotaping it? Thats phenomenal stuff. Now I know the girls were only 14, but my word. I don't even really know what else to say about that. Beyond disturbing or angry, it just makes me sad. At some point there just needs to be better education as to the values of life, and that animals count as well. Granted this can get into a whole new discussion, but I am far too medicated today trying to kick this cold than to get into that.

As for the sad death of the Taylor Students. I went to a small Christian school similar in size and location to Taylor. I would be guessing this more than just effects the immediate family. It definitely affects the whole entire campus, and the more or less the whole community. Houghton College, where I graduated from made up most of Houghton, NY. Taylor University makes up most of Upland, IN. The fact that the innaguration of Taylor's new president went on as scheduled this am, may be the first step in trying to return to normalcy. I hope and pray it is.