Sunday, April 09, 2006

God save the Crew...

Back to back sports posts, about teams nobody but me cares about. This is how you increase your readership. I should start charging subscription fees for this crap.

At any rate, game 2 for the Columbus Crew saw the same result as the first, a 3-1 loss.

Before the game I was in a great mood. I ordered some Banghan Bharta and veggie pakoras from India Garden, got a little Beamish and optimism was sky high. The Crew than saw fit to reward my optimism with a goal by Chad Marshall 10 minutes in! There it was, the first Crew goal of the season. "We are gonna win the damn Cup..." I proclaimed to Jamie who maybe unwisely chose to watch the game with me. The whole first half the Crew was the better side. Jacob Thomas, who has played the better part of the last decade in the second division in Germany looked like a world beater on the right flank. But shortly before the half Colorado tied it up, and the sinking feeling came back. From then on, I was at best hoping for a tie, as I knew the Crew couldn't get a win out of this on the road.

The last 45 minutes I hopped off my couch a few times, a shot off the bar, a few good runs by Thomas. But mostly I just sat there staring blankly at the tv, muttering bad words, and then shouting bad words as Colorado went up 2-1. By the third Colorado goal, I was just staring at the tv blankly. I could feel Jamie peeking over at me out of the corner of my eye waiting for an explosion, but instead I was just resigned to the loss. Depressed as hell. Staring blankly at the screen.

Yet, next week is Crewsmas. The home opener. I will be driving the three hours there and back. Columbus has almost become an adopted second city for me. I will get there at noon, start tailgating and see old friends who have I have done this with for the past 5 years. A little before 4 I will walk into Hunt Park and feel at home.

By Tuesday, hell maybe even this afternoon, I will have all the optimism back that I lost during the course of last night. It's Crewsmas. They will win there home opener. They got to. 0-2, yes. But all is not lost.


zip-six. said...

Can't wait to see you.
It's going to be a great Saturday.

scot said...

Just like old times, my friend.

My home away from home. Can't wait to see you as well.

FOF, indeed!