Thursday, April 06, 2006

A busy week of shows...

It seems to have come out of nowhere, or maybe I wasn't paying attention, but over the next week there is a great deal of good live music coming through Indy...

Tomorrow at the all ages (I think) venue, The Underground Lunar Event is playing. $5, and right after another Harrison Center gallery show.

The same night, Thin Fevers are at the Melody Inn

Skip through to Tuesday and you got two national acts...

Again at the Underground, Eisley is playing. I thought that I heard that Wolfy was opening, but now I can't find that anywhere. This show will also be in the sanctuary of the Harrison center. Eisley happens to be one of those bands I just stumbled upon last year. Very cool sound, a few sisters and brothers I think. Great harmonies. Great soft to loud dynamics in most their songs. Could be cool. That show is only ten bucks.

Also Tuesday, at The Vogue Dinosaur Jr is reunited and playing again.

Finally, on Thursday Margot and the Nuclear So and So's play the Vogue in what should be a fantastic show.

It could be a busy week, but, due to work and cashflow I will not be able to make all the shows, but hope to see at least Eisley and Margot. Maybe, if I am not too tired and lame Friday night, the Thin Fevers as well.

Can't help but like all the options in the coming week.

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