Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Indianapolis International Film Festival

This is a damn exciting time to me. If only I wasn't bogged down with work and wasn't sick and broke, I'd be out every night. But, today is the first day of The Indianapolis International Film Festival. In only it's third year this festival has already expanded from 3 days to 9 and has 117 features and shorts this year. Not too shabby. A few years back the past I saw the Midwest Premiere of Lars Von Trier's Dogville down at the theaters at Circle Center as the festival came to a close. Last year, I was unable to catch any. This year's lineup looks intriguing.

First off the festival seems to have found many willing partners. The IMA is hosting quite a few showings as is the Indiana Historical Society in what I anticipate will be quite cozy viewing rooms. The new Landmark Theaters up at Keystone will also be showing there fair share of films. WTTS, NUVO, and Hoaglin's are also on board with local support. The Indianapolis Star had a decent little piece on Sunday on the growth of the Festival.

So, what films am I intrigued by so far?

I am Cuba looks to be unbelievable and sadly I will not see it due to the show times. Damn.

Lady Vengance is the followup to Chan-wook Park's Oldboy which is somewhere around number 75 in my Netflix queue. I will need to check to see if i should see Oldboy first before seeing this.

Be With Me for some reason looks to be the most intriguing of the showings, and I hope to see it tonight, actually. Scratch that, I can't see it tonight since they changed the schedule. Damnit!

And finally, Daybreak looks at capital punishment in Iran and seems to have a lot of promise to me.

Tickets for the individual showings are $10. Tickets can be ordered online or at the door. Check back to the main site to see which films are close to selling out or sold out as they seem to be updating that.

And finally, check out the Indiana Film Society

Well, yeah. Hopefully, I will get to see more than 1-2 films. But if not, hopefully some friends will report back to me about what I missed.


Jim said...

I'm going to try to check out a few films as well. There's a short film called Jewboy that looks really interesting to me.

scot said...

Yeah, Jewboy looks really interesting. In abscence of Be With Me tonight, I may go see The King tonight. We shall see.

Jim said...

We're definitely going to see Jewboy and will also try to fit in the short film series New York Stories.

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