Thursday, August 24, 2006

Your 2006 Summer Session Eagles Update

I haven't written much since the first game of the season about our soccer team. There have been a few reasons for that. The first game of course we won, 10-2. Your truly made like Dado Prso, though with much less physical fitness and scored two goals. A flying start and we were 1-0.

5 weeks later our team is 3-3. Not terrible mind you, especially for a team that is only in it's first sesssion together. Not terrible when you consider how half the time we need help remembersing some of eachothers names.

This past week was the most frustrating game. A 6-0 loss to a team that coulda likely scored more goals if they weren't just dicking around. What made it even more frustrating, was that it was the first time I had played in nearly 3 weeks due to a pulled quad. What's more? I sprained my wrist fouling some chump into the wall with a few minutes left in the game.

I wonder if I will ever be 100% healthy during the course of the season. I am far to stubborn to let stuff heal properly. The pulled quad, the wrist, the lacerated ego. I was running a few times a week on my pulled quad, which never erally 100% healed. Yesterday I went down to 16th Street and kicked around for an hour, did some sprints, and ran. All on what might be the hardest soccer field in all of Indiana. It might as well be concrete. Again not good for my quad really.

At any rate, I can't picture not playing. My homeboy Spitz has new shoes for this weeks game and assures me they are championship quality. Can't miss that right? Besides that, i just have a place set in my mind where I want my fitness and match fitness (I love that phrase) to be by the end of this session. I definitely wanna keep playing more sessions. I may be joining even a second league. Now that I am out there the competitive itch is back. If only my body would catch up with my mind.


Anonymous said...

what second league?! sign me up!

when you checked that dude into the boards at the end of the game, i totally just turned away and snickered like "i didn't see anything". that's what they get for holding.

seriously though, we need to have a quick strategy meeting at the beginning of our next game. my ego too is getting severly lacerated.


scot said...

at that point i was so pissed off. none of this juggling crap in the corner. pass, shoot, whatever. but don't be a dick, and since nobody else wanted to be the hard guy, i had to be. ridiculous.

people strategerize soccer? thats a novel concept. but our run around like chickens with heads cut off and let aram bail our ass out has worked for 3 wins so far.

Anonymous said...

that's gotta be the next name of our team. not this eagles crap...but rather "the headless chickens".

so this is my strategy. i say any team member that dribbles for more than 5 seconds without passing gets kicked in the shins immediately thereafter. what do you think?

scot said...

I'd be black and blue within 5 minutes!

My wrist keeps getting worse!