Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Great New Wonderful?

Is Maggie Gyllenhall about to be typecast as a 9/11 actress? Of course not, because people will always remember Secretary. Yet, she's front and center in Oliver Stone's World Trade Center and now she's at least close to that in The Great New Wonderful which is a movie set in New York exactly 1 year after the attacks.

I knew nothing about this film, it wasn't even on my radar, and here it is opening in Indianapolis this weekend. What's strager? It's from the guy who brought us Dude, Where's my Car> and Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Strange. Yet, it opened at Tribeca to at least respectable reviews, if not very positive. And Ed-Johnson Ott seemed to like it enough. There has to be some deeper reason that I am attracted and wanting to see this film and World Trade Center for that matter. I just haven't taken the time to figure it out yet.

At any rate, this seems at least from the trailer to be headed a much different, maybe more delicate direction than Stone's film. It opens at Key Cinemas on South Keystone this weekend. I may just head on down and see it.

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