Thursday, August 10, 2006

MMS starts tonight, angels!

It will be a rather hectic three days and nights for all the scenesters, hipsters, and wannabes (like myself) as the Midwest Music Sumnmit kicks off here in Indianapols starting this evening.

11 am Air Raid, has touched on this, as has Consuming Indy, and Dodge over at MOKB has been all over it. In fact Dodge spotlights The Musical Family Tree showcase on Friday, here. Personally, this is the lineup is what I am looking forawrd to the most. Straight through from 920 through 2am there is not a dud in the group.

And for those who haven't heard Gentleman Caller yet, do so. The more I listen to their Until We Are Missing the more it's difficult to keep it out of my top 10 for the year. A great album and a great live show. So yeah, you should be there at 1140 on Friday night at Locals Only. What the hell else are you gonna be doing at that time? Possibly seeing one of the 30 other shows in that time slot? Okay, that might be acceptable.

Other shows and bands I am looking forward too? Obviously, Margot and the Nuclear So and So's will be great tonight. As will Silversun Pickups.

Songwriters in the round at the Jazz Kitchen on Friday night round 7pm will be fantastic. Featuring Richard Edwards of Margot fame, Otis Gibbs and others.

Somehow I need to find a way to see Lunar Event while not missing anything at Locals Only on Friday. I don't know how to manage that yet.

And Early Day Miners as part of the Secretly Canadian showcase at the Alley Cat Saturday night should be lovely. I am really looking forward to hearing their new stuff.

And why not cap it all off with Dr. Octagon later Saturday night.

It's gonna be a great weekend. And wristbands are still available for $25 at a variety of places to get you in everywhere you need to be. Mine is actually already on, I accidentally snapped it on last night before realizing it doesn't come off easy. Fantastico!


Jim said...

I really wanted to go to see the lineup at the Vogue tonight. I may see you tomorrow night at Local's Only if you're definitely going to be there.

scot said...

Jim, were you at locals only? It was crazy packed in there and I was a bit drunk to be honest, so if I missed ya, my apologies!

Jim said...

I didn't go. Went to the doc on Thursday to talk about this mild tinnitus that I've been having. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for my hearing), he said no loud environments until I get my hearing tested, which is going to happen this week.

Just call me Pete Townsend.:)

scot said...

Johnny Marr, Pete Townsend. It's not all together bad company. I hope it's not too serious though, Jim.