Monday, August 07, 2006

Weekend Quick-hits

Just a few quick thoughts on weekend events for me, sorted on a 5 star scale.

Jean Luc Godard's Weekend - Three Stars. In the extras to this disc you have Colin McCabe interviewing Godard's cinematographer on this film, Raoul Coutard. Coutard says something interesting to me when he suggests many Godard films can be very boring, but there are those 20 minute moments that are absolutely brilliant. Whereas other filmakers make a 90 minute movie that is boring then Godard makes a 80 minute movie that is only boring for 70 of those minutes. Anyway, I found that funny, at least. Weekend is my least favorite Godard movie. At times it is entirely unwatchable. At times you think Godard may have lost his mind. But then, there is even a dark humor underneath those times that keeps you watching. And there are a few scenes that are absolutely brilliant. Also, Coutards cinematography keeps it at least great to look at throughout. During the painful times, it is saved from being an outright disaster due to how interesting it at least looks. I could probably write a whole book about what I liked and didn't like in this film, and I am sure others probably have. But i need far more time to gather my thoughts and more likely, additional viewings.

The Brickyard 400 - Two and a half stars. My seats were great, right at the start/finish. The atmosphere was, um different. However, the race itself just didn't seem very interesting to me. Maybe it's because the Formula 1 race I watched in the am before leaving for the track was the strangest and most exciting race ever. But the last ten laps were exciting, for sure. I'd go back again if I recieved free tickets, but I am unsure I would pay 50-100 to go again.

Having your car vanish - O stars. Friday evening I my car was not found where I had parked it on Mass Avenue. I have filed a police report and called the insurance company and have not heard from my adjuster or the insurance company yet. While, I am sure stuff will work out in the end, I mean this is what we have insurance for. I am not looking forward to this next few weeks getting everything straightened out. I hope to recieve a call sooner rather than later.


Jim said...

Your car got stolen on Mass Ave? Man, what the hell is happening to this city?

scot said...

yeah, the shootings, the car.

it's been a lovely weekend in our fair city.

scot said...

huh. car found.

i must have walked/drove by it at least 25 times this weekend. including twice in a cop car looking for it to no effect.

man, it doesn't get weirder or more frustrating and embarassing than that.

Jim said...

Don't feel so bad. I've done that before (well, without the cop's help). I once parked on Meridian to hang out at Rock Bottom. When I left, I was looking for my car along Maryland Street and getting pissed off that I couldn't find it. It must have been the barley wine...

Dan said...

Hey, Scot - maybe somebody just borrowed it for the weekend and put it back where they found it.

Just hope it wasn't the one(s) responsible for the shootings - if you get surrounded by cops, stay cool!

Anonymous said...

you fuckin found it?!! unbelievable!

p.s. - got me some new synthetic adidas indoor soccer kicks online. i'm thinkin these shoes are going to turn this losing streak around.

scot said...

yeah, the cops said if i get pulled over in the next three days i will have guns pulled on me while the car being actually found is updated in the system.