Thursday, June 15, 2006

World Cup Quick Hits... We're #31!!!! Woooooo!

Yesterday was an intersting day of World Cup games....

Thank you Spain!!!! After a 4-0 win over the Ukraine, the Ukraine has Zero points and a worst goal differential than us! Phenomenal! We're number 31 of 32! You rule Spain! USA! USA! U!S!A!

An overlooked rule of viewing the World Cup....always tape the matches between minnows. Yesterday, Tunisua played Saudi Arabia. Not supposed to be so interesting right? Except it was a 2-2 draw. Two goals in the final 10 minutes. Tears of joy for the Saudi's followed by shock as Tunisia tied it up in injury time. Great stuff. Both these teams were looking at their best chance for a win and played an extremely exciting game. And, really, it was infinitely more exciting than the England snorefest last week, despite all the hype surrounding that team.

Germany. Wow and congrats. Poland, thanks for coming. That game was gonna be filled with emotion and passion, yet I thought Germany would run away with it. Poland looked awful vs Ecuador, but brought up every bit of pride they had left and gave Germany a run for their money. Yet in injury time, Germany scores. 1-0 Germany. I normally pull for the underdog, but I really have no love for Poland. There is some German blood in me, and I really just wanted to see the stadium erupt after a goal. And boy did they. Well done, Germans.


nico said...

We should be up to #30 now after the ass kicking Argentina laid on Serbia yesterday (6-0!)

Anonymous said...

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