Friday, June 09, 2006

Happy World Cup Day

There really isn't much to be said that hasn't already been said elsewhere is there? No there isn't but I am too giddy not tob type.

The bottom line is this, the World Cup starts today.

For a month, the most exciting sporting event in the world will have nearly all my attention.

Come Monday morning, I throw aside my hatred for players like Ben Olsen, Eddie Johnson and DeMarcus Beasley and cheer them on as if they were childhood best friends of mine. They wear the Red, White, and Blue now. I can cheer them on one month out of every four years, without a problem.

I will wear my time tested, true, and stained Brian McBride jersey. It worked in 2002. McBride represnts the bridge from club to national team for me, and beyond that has played with more class and heart than anyone I have seen in our National team jerseys.

Should any of our players stumble, the first reaction will not be to turn my back in frustration or disgust, but to scream at the tv loud enough so that they can hear me in Germany, words of encourgement and belief.

When I see American flags hanging from windows, or off of cars, I will not think of our nations sometimes misguided foreign policy, I will simply assume the best, and figure these people two are supporting our 23 in Germany. This, contrary to impression, is not delusional.

I shall hearby swear off Czech cusine on monday, Italian on Saturday, and Ghanian the following thursday. I will make the best damn red white and blue vegan meals this side of the Chicago Diner on Halsted.

I will drink fine American beers in celebration, such as Miller High Life or Pabst Blue Ribbon.

I will eat rocket pop popsicles. Just because they are Red, White, and Blue.

Should I attempt to die my heair red in hysteria after a US World Cup win this time like in 2002, I will ask for help so that more than my neck and forehead actually turn red.

I will support any team that plays Mexico. For instance, Sunday, I wish to make myself an honorable Iranian citizen.

I will support teams in which close friends have enormous ties to because of place of birth. This will be a problem when Germany plays Costa Rica today, but I will enjoy it nonetheless.

I will root like hell for Croatia and the Dutch, so long as it doesn't interfere with US glory.

I will make bold proclimations and actually believe them, I will start now...

The United States will win two in group play and tie one. They will finish second the Czechs only on goal differential. They will make us proud as hell. Bruce Arena will continue to amaze, and achieve soccer god status. I will bite all my nails off regardless.

Should the world reverse its rotation on its axis (which may be the only thing Bruce does not have these guys prepared for) and they somehow lose, or the ghost of Torsten Frings handballs one off the line and the ref doesn't see it. Our boys will still play their hearts out and make us proud. That I can guarantee.

I can't wait...


Anonymous said...

so are you loyal or realistic? your previous post has the U.S. getting beat later in the rounds, but in this one you are cheering them on to victory? there can be no realism in your team loyalty my friend. it's all or none. you know, kinda like how you keep cheering in an excessively optimistic manner for the columbus crew...who are in what, dead last? make up your mind! the futbol reputation of the entire country rests upon your shoulders!!

scot said...

Oh, I still think they will get beat in the later rounds, but they will make it out of their group.

And the Crew is in second place, and likelyu playing the best soccer in the league right now, chump.