Wednesday, June 07, 2006

World Cup Predictions...

In the time when I could have been more prductive doing just about anything over the weekend, I instead filled out my World Cup Brackets and suprised even myself, so here we go....

Group A
Germany 9
Ecuador 4
Costa Rica 2
Poland 1

Group B
Sweeden 9
England 6
Paraguay 3
T & T 0

Group C
Netherlands 5
Serbs 4
Argentina 3
Ivory Coast 2

Group D
Portugal 7
Iran 7
Mexico 3
Angola 0

Group E
Czechs 7
Italy 3
Ghana 1

Group F
Brazil 7
Croatia 5
Austrailia 3
Japan 0

Group G
France 7
Togo 5
South Korea 4
Swiss 0

Group H
Ukraine 5
Spain 5
Tunisua 3
Saudi Arabia 0

Round of 16...

Germany over England
Netherlands over Iran
Sweeden over Ecuador
Serbs over Portugal
Croatia over Czechs
France over Spain
Brazil over US
Ukraine over Togo

In the quarters...
Netherlands over Germany
Sweeden over Serbs
France over Croatia
Brazil over the Ukraine

In the semis...
France over Netherlands
Brazil over Sweden

And somehow, in the final...
France over Brazil

I am as suprised as you are.