Saturday, June 17, 2006

Redemption Day....

Let's do this shit.

6 Points, starting today.

Play with pride boys.


nico said...

We're going to be lucky to get out of this WC with 1 point I'm afraid (and hopefully we won't lay a goose egg in the goal column.)

Supposedly they're being the same way in Germany as they were in Korea, but that Studio 90 stuff on makes it look like one big group holiday and that they're taking the "we're just happy to be here" approach.

Hopefully we'll see some sign of life today.

scot said...

3-2 USA, joel.

Have some faith brother.

Of course I am just telling myself that to justify the one hour of sleep and countless hours wasted thinking bout this.


nico said...

I went and checked FIFA's site, Italy has, in fact, given up three goals within the last two years.

On 13 October '04, they gave up three to Belarus.

Of course Italy scored four, but that's beside the point!