Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Formula 1derful Weekend

It's finally here. Starting tomorrow with the pitlane walkabout, I will be far away from a computer for most of the weekend as I will spend all my free time at the track for the 2006 FIA Formula 1 United States Grandprix Weekend I can't wait.

But, hey, Seds, after last year why would you want to go back? Wasn't it a total farce, a total waste of money? Fair question. Let's address them one by one.

Yes, it was a farce. Absolutely. Only 6 of 20 cars actually raced the race. An absolute and total disgrace. But behind nearly every good farce there is a reason and sometimes politics. And make no mistake, their was a ton of international intrigue and politics behind this. Michelin was still pissed at the FIA going to a single tyre supplier for 2007, some suggest this was their temper tantrum. I am one of those people. I know the PR hit that Michelin took, but Michelin knew that the bigger hit was going to F1 as a whole. Michelin also was a winning tyre more often than not in F1 last year by far. And won LeMans. They were more than doing fine in positive publicity. And for me, there is just as much joy in following the soap opera between teams, tyre suppliers, car manufacturers and the countries they represent as their is in the race half the time. So for me, the farce, while incredibly frustrating was highly entertaining, including the aftermath which lasted for weeks.

So was it worth the money? Yes, absolutely. That was historical, for all the wrong reasons, yes. But, I still witnessed history. And at $60 for a weekend pass, it's a complete and total bargain. After only 2 hours at the track, taking in the atmosphere, and even seeing the cars for one lap at speed you have more than your moneys worth. I had my money's worth well before raceday, just from being down there the two previous days for practice and qualifying. I had two friends come out from California for the race last year. Their first race at the track they see all this go down. They are coming back this year. I don't think I exaggerate to say they didn't even debate it.

And yes, of course I hope for a better situation this year. I do wanna see the race. It is the main attraction. Of course I wanna see it. If it all falls apart again, I will go to Montreal and watch the race there next year instead.

The bottom line is, this may be my favorite weekend to be in Indianapolis all year. It's fun as hell downtown with the internationals here. The atmosphere at the track is intoxicating, even before you pay 6 bucks for a Foster's oil can. It's something that should be done or tried at least once. 5 years ago I never would have guessed that I would be such a siucker for Formula 1. Now, I know that I am as hooked to it as baseball or soccer. And as I continue to go back to baseball even as they attempt ritualistic suicide by way of strikes, steroids, and other nightmares I go back to Formula 1 even inspite of their self destructive tendancies.

So predictions for the weekend? Your podium will be 1. Fisichella 2. Alonso 3.

There you have it.


mike said...

i'll be out there saturday and sunday with a gaggle of people in tow, so hopefully i'll see you.

and if not, enjoy the renault bloodbath.

scot said...

yeah, i'll be in a rather large gaggle as well. are you in the lawn? i think last year we sat at turn 10 or 11 on the infield, if Spiegel checks in maybe he will remember. I'll have a renault flag in tow, and I sure hope for the predicted renault bloodbath.

mike said...

i'm in the top row of northwest vista for the race, though i'm sure we'll walk around the infield a bit saturday.

i'd recommend regular seats for next year but i'm guessing there won't be one.