Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Please, please, please let me get what I want.

So, by this time tomorrow I will be eating an enourmous amount of Indian food at a buffet and preparing for a moderate amount of alcohol consumption, hopefully in celebration of the US advancing to the 2nd round of the World Cup. It really can't come soon enough. I took tomorrow off from work weeks back fearing that it would be the decisive make or break day for the US team (and Croatia) and of course it is. So after a morning run to settle nerves I will head down to Radio Radio and hope that we have 75 fans cheering on the US again. I would like to think we won't have two bimbos in Ghana t-shirts like we had two in Italy t-shirts last game. But you never know what people will do just to be different.

In the days following the US game vs Italy, I actually have become more amazed at what they accomplished. I still can't believe that was the same team that played the Czech Republic. Some of the outcry against the referee has died down. I can only assume it's as people try to be more sportsmanlike. But, to me the Mastroeni redcard was still only a yellow at worse. As for Pope, it's tough to say. Regardless they overcame all the obstacles and somehow pulled off that draw. It truly was remarkable to watch, and one could argue that they even deserved the win. It's a game that I can honestly see recalling in 40 years in conversation, if.....

The United States wins tomorrow, and somehow advances to the second round. Because, really if they lose to Ghana tomorrow, what was that game except a small bright spot in a largely disapointing World Cup. And maybe thats the curse of expectations, or maybe its just being a sore loser. A win vs Ghana is by no means guaranteed. They are an extremely strong squad, and on paper probably look to be stronger than the US. At worst, they look our equal.

But after all the pre Cup build-up, and after hopes have been reinvigorated after the Italy match, it seems only a win and passage to the next round will satisfy. I'm jealous, I'm greedy, and probably unreasonable. But, all those qualities are pretty much expected in a sports fan aren't they?

So until 955 am tomorrow, I'll be the guy pacing back and forth and mumbling to himself. And yet, for some sick reason I am finding this all very fun and enjoyable.


Anonymous said...

see you at 9:55!


Anonymous said...

I sent up my prayers this morning.
I believe our "boys" can do it.
Will work at home while the game is on.
Hang in there Scot!!!!

MOM said...

I cried!!!!!!!