Friday, January 04, 2008

What is Kip Winger Running Team?

You may be looking over to the side, under my profile and see that I am El Capitan Supremo of Kip Winger Running Team. You may wonder to yourself how you can become a member of Kip Winger Running Team.

Here is a crossposting, from Spitz's livejournal with details, all words below are written by Spitz, and provided for your inspiration...

Following on the foosteps of yesterday's post, an ad hoc assemblage of The Kip Winger Running Team has been formed. There are no meetings. No organized runs. No uniforms (sort of). No application process. But there is one requirement. Any member of The Kip Winger Running Team must have floppy hair or a do of a length that falls over the ears. This is only a minimum requirement and expectations will be that members grow their hair out to a length that matches Kip Winger's. Extra Extra points for feathering the sides. For specific examples see - these pics - The current El Capitan Supremo of The Kip Winger Running Team is Scot Sedley, who has been given that position based only on his seemingly infinite knowledge of 80's hair metal bands and personalities. His head is an encyclopedia of relatively useless information, which he can now put to use as El Capitan Supremo. (Sidenote - El Capitan Supremo of TKWRT is different from, and on a level below, the actual !El Capitan Supremo! title that I hold...just to clarify).

Instead of cutting my increasingly shaggy and lengthening hair this morning, I decided to go on a TKWRT inaugural run, which consisted of a fast paced 2.5 miles, transitioned into 15 snowy hill sprints, and finished with another 4 or so miles. I'm not sure how many miles that amounted to, but it felt good to get out after 2 days of not running and to have a good strenuous workout. Tomorrow will be a long run (maybe 10 miles?) and Sunday will be either a fartlek run, or some rigid speedwork. Not sure yet.

This cold weather snap has temporarily broken, just in time for The TKWRT to show off their beautiful flowing locks, previously kept in hiding under running beanies. If you feel you can meet our strenuous membership requirements, feel free to start a chapter in your home town.

The Kip Winger Running Team is go!

In honor of TKWRT's first full day as a nationwide, soon to be multinational world conquering team, and being inspired by my teamate's run, I will have my final training run leading up to this Sunday's 10k tonight. The plan is for 7 miles (away, nothing left of what we had!), just to give a little extra than the 10k I will be required to finish this Sunday.

It's a proud day.


Anonymous said...

As El capitan supremo of TKWRT, you should probably try and get the acronym right..i'm just sayin.

I'm excited to hear about your first racing performance under the said moniker. Kill that hill at the end!

Going to update your blog address to mine, since your readership has disappeared in your hiatus!


Mike said...

man running is for the birds.

scot said...

caw, caw!!!

Anonymous said...

caw, caw!! what was that from again? oh yea, our indoor soccer team. i forget though, why was that funny?

Unknown said...

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