Saturday, January 05, 2008

Boston Build Up Series 10k - Tomorrow

My longest race yet is tomorrow, a 10k, the first race of the Boston Build Up Series put on by Club CT. It's not that I have a concern about finishing the race. My base training mileage over the past two months has been 6.25 miles, just about a 10k. My long runs have been up to 10 miles. I did 10.25 this Monday, and felt okay. My concern is finishing near a goal that I have set, which may be unreasonable.

I've set out a 48 minute goal. That would put me at 7:30 splits. Even in my best training session, where I tried my damndest to reach a 48, I wound up at 48:22. So this will take some extra push if I'm to hit that 48.

Last night I wound up running a final training run before a day off today before the race. I felt like hell the entire time. Not exactly encourging, but i did get in 6.5 miles. And if there is one thing that is encourging, it's that I have been able to run a decent distance even on days that I have felt awful.

So what have I done the nights before the race to keep myself fired up, you ask? Well last night, I watched Bill Moyers to see interviews with Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. And tonight, I am seeing Rufus Wainwright solo in Tarrytown. Believe me, I thought the Rufus show was Friday when I recieved the tickets. Last time I saw Rufus, I drank wine. Quite a bit. Tonight, maybe 1 glass with a carb laden dinner. That's it. I gotta run in the morning.

My first race as an official member of Kip Winger Running Team. Gotta admit, the excitement is palpable.

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