Sunday, January 06, 2008

Boston Build Up 10k Official Results

Official Timing ::

Scot Sedley, 30, Norwalk, CT 45:54 7:23

I can live with that. Other numbers of note.

41st of 70 Males under 40
117 of 230 Males overall
133 of 343 overall finishers

Numbers I can live with for that first 10k.

Result Page Here

Full race report just two posts down on your scroll wheel.


Anonymous said...

Nice job! Great shot of bib #277 on the photo link to the race (photo 366 of 608)!

Anonymous said...

Nice race report and time. You were less than a minute in front of me in that race. You doing the 15K? What is your training pace and how many miles do you run each week in the winter? Good luck.

scot said...

Thanks. Did I meet ya at either this race or the stamford race?

I hope to do the 15k. I will be up in Vermont for a bit of a ski vacation most of the week prior to that race. So that has me a bit nervous as to how prepared I will be for the 15k, but I still hope to do it.

In the winter I am averaging close to 30 miles a week, topping out at 35-40, but thats almost all on a treadmill. blah. My pace in training is normally around 8:30 or so.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I plan to "run" not "race" the 15K as the distance is too far for me to race. I just have to try to remember that at the start so I dont burn out at mile 5. I'm going to aim for 8:30 pace. Don't worry about your time, just RUN & FINISH. Get the distance in. That is how I look at it anyway.

Do you do treadmill work at NYSC?

Have a good ski vaca.

scot said...

Actually I wound up getting a membership at Fitness Edge as opposed to NYSC, but I might change that when my Fitness Edge Membership expires. We'll see.

I hear your strategy bout the 15k, it will be my longest race. I want to look at it as a training run, but I am afraid once I get in the crowd I will treat it as a race. We'll see how it goes. If I am able to have 7:35-40 splits for that race I'll be ecstatic. It might be overly ambitious, but I may as well aim high, ya know.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that is my problem. At the start I get sucked into the speed and try to run 6 min miles only to burn out and end up doing 11 min miles at the end. Cant keep doing that so I try to run with friends who keep me at a more sane pace throughout. 15k is going to be tough.