Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year, New You

Is this thing on? Is anyone still out there reading this thing? We had up to 125 hits a day at one point, but that faded quickly. A move to Norwalk, CT limited internet access and low motivation kept 64th and Broadway from reaching Drudge Report levels of popularity. But thats okay. We're back now. In a much smaller much more confined form. What does that mean? Well, all this blog ever really served as was a personal journal and screening log of films for me. And, since through the shortsightedness of our national media outlets I was passed over as a film critic, this blog will pay the price. It's not a huge price. It's just that I am really too lazy, and my computer to slow to upload pictures. So it goes.

The new 64th and Broadway, Barcelona will focus still on films. It's one thing that keeps me relatively sane out here in Connecticut. So there still will be a screening log. Just without pictures. So over the next day or two, I plan to have simple one paragraph reactions to After the Wedding and Eastern Promises up here. Yeah, you dig it.

But oddly enough the one other thing that has kept me sane out here since the move in may has been competitive running. It started as a bit of thing just to avoid coming home to my apartment alone and drinking. Then, something else happened. I realized, I was running further, and longer, and quicker. I thought to myself, I'll sign up for the Mini Marathon in Indianapolis in May. That will give me ample reason to continue training. Thoughts kept coming, if you are gonna do a 13.1 mile road race, you may wanna get some other races under your belt. So, thats what I did. And since October I have had 5 races under my belt so far. And I'm addicted. So I may be writing here about training. I will definitely write race reports, if only because my friend Spitz makes it seem fun. And he's quicker than me. By, a lot. Maybe race reports will make me quicker. But, yeah, in the next day or two, there will hopefully also be a race report from the Run for CJ 5k in Stamford this past Sunday, in which yours truly set a personal best. And maybe even a report from my 10k this coming Sunday.

Is this the world's first running and movies blog? I don't know. But to avoid that distinction I am not gonna review Chariots of Fire, since I think it was a good story, but a crap movie (albeit with a wonderful soundtrack).

So yeah, there ya have it. We'll see how long I'm able to keep this internet connection tapped, and how long I am able to keep my muse.



Anonymous said...

Well it's about time! you better email everyone who use to link to you and get back on their list.

this should be fun to read. the fit is go!


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you're back/ Keep them coming

Jim said...

Welcome back! I'm adding you to my RSS feed reader now.

Hard to believe you've been out in CT for this long. Started thinking about it because we Hoosier Beer Geeks are getting ready to have another beer tasting at Locals Only (which is where you joined us almost a year ago).

scot said...

Thanks, Jim! It is hard to believe I've been out here almost a year. It's still not quite feeling like home yet. Indy still has that feel to me, but hopefully this will soon.

Unknown said...

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