Monday, January 21, 2008

No 15k this weekend, but...fame? fortune? tv tips?

The Boston Build-Up 15k just wasn't happeneing for me on Sunday. Too little training in the week leading up. Now, I am 90% positive I woulda finished the race if I went out. But at what cost? I wouldn't have been pleased with my time. I had been fighting a cold for most the week leading up, and it was freaking 20 degrees out. Did I read somewhere that optimum running conditions are between 36-50 degrees? I think so. At any rate, coming off the cold I found myself making enough excuses to talk myself out of it. It's not something I'm happy about, but it is what it is. And then, as if to mock me, round 4pm the results were emailed to me. I was looking through them. I ran my 10k 2 weeks back with 7:24 splits. So I was thinking, that perhaps I'd finish this race with somewhere around 8 minute splits. That woulda been well in the back middle of the pack. But looking at the results, there was a new course record, by a Kenyan in 20 degree weather! 49:33!!!! 5:19 splits!!! Unbelieveable! Hats off to a run like that.

I will say however that I am pleased that I have been able to get in some miles the past two days as the cold has started to leave my body. 13 over two days. I'd be thrilled if I am able to get back up to the 30 mile weeks I was at about a month ago, before some knee problems, work, and life in general intruded.

In addition to that, yesterday I actually was interviewed by a freelance writer for Runners World. A story will be in the May issue (hits News stands in April) on new/beginner runners, and yours truly fell into that group. A contact made through the Boston Build-Up 10k put me in contact with the writer, and there you have it. Who knows if anything I said will wind up in the article. It's not too inspiring of a story, "Well I started running after I moved out here to avoid the lonliness of bar happy hours where I knew nobody..." But who knows. Perhaps, some other stuff I said will make the article. She seemed intrigued by Kip Winger Running Team. If I make the issue, I will autograph copies for a minimal fee.

Another thing. A confession, if you will. My favorite tv show used to be The O.C. And why wouldn't it be? Who wouldn't wanna live the life of Ryan Atwood. But after the phenomenal 4th season (the best since season 1!) the OC was off the air. And I needed to find a new favorite show. And I've found it...

Running is a show on YES network out here. In addition to a great title it's just a fantastic show. It's a once a month show put on by New York Road Runners. It of course highlights a lot of the NYRR events, but also other running events from around the whole northeast and the world. Thing is, everytime I watch it I get inspired. I already ran 6 miles today and I wanna get out there and run some more. They covered the New Years Eve Midnight Run (which i MUST do next year, looking for company to go with!) They covered some high school events, and did a whole year in review segment. And I tell yeah, anytime I am seeing any of these elites win there marathons setting new PR's or course records I am gettin choked up. This is honest to god truth. At any rate, try to catch a show if it shows out near ya. 6 months ago I never would imagined stopping on a running event if I saw it on tv, now I search them out. It's all good.

Finally, I added some running links to the side of the page. My bookmarks folder was getting crowded so I figured I'd just jump from this page instead. If your site is over there and you don't want it on my page, let me know!


Anonymous said...

You should have ran the still would have placed well. Eh, it's probably better for your mental state in the long run. Pun intended.

W.O.W. Running beats out The O.C. I mean, that show sucked, but still. That's impressive.

So get this. I'm putting on my shoes to go run this morning when I turn on the TV for background noise. Before the picture comes up, I hear someone say "Yea, it's been fun training for Beijing." And I think to myself "Oooh, maybe that is about a runner. That would be cool." Then the picture comes up and it it's.....DELILAH!! from, "hey there delilah, blah blah vomit blah". They showed footage of her training on the track. God she's hot. I'm so glad she wants to cheat on her boyfriend.

Anyways, good start to my run.


Anonymous said...

also..."arthursmommy" from my friends list wants to start a Texas TKWRT chapter. I told her she doesn't fit the requirements...her hair is like a 1/4 inch. She says she can't help it cause she had cancer. It's a noble exception, but i said i'd confer with !El Capitan Supremo! first. I asked if she could grow out a rattail or wear a wig or something. Haven't recieved a response either way.

scot said...

oh, she's going bejing
oh she's going to bejing
oh, she's going to bejing
oh she's going to bejing
going to bejing...

i thought arthursmommy lived in florida. wth do i know. she's good people and she loves kip winger. and wigs are cheap. i say she's in!

nora leona said...

Keep us posted on the Runner's World piece. I promise to parade it around Northside Newsstand and make everyone read it.

Pete said...

to run 15k you must have a great mental and physical preparation, I'd say mental preparation after all. My son is in the long distance school's team and he's fourteen he's in great shape but some time he faced mental weakness when running so mental preparation after all!!

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