Saturday, March 25, 2006

Newish Indianapolis Blog, Consuming Indy

I say that this one is newish, because I seem to be the last one to the party in finding this stuff out. As always. But I have added a link to Consuming Indy over on the sidebar. Michelle is the woman running the show over there and it is definitely one I look forward to reading in the future. Dining, culture, local shops, it's all there. Did you know of Drinking Liberally? Neither did I. Anyway, most of you have probably already visited, if you haven't, do so now.


Michelle said...

Thanks for the link. Consuming Indy is the new kid on the block but I'm hoping to make it a useful resource for the city.

It's great to come across another soccer fan in Indianapolis. I'm hoping that means good things for fun, group viewings of the World Cup this summer.

scot said...

No problem, Michelle.

World Cup viewing parties this summer are a must! Maybe in your travels and reviews you can find us the perfect dining/drinking establishment for them.