Friday, March 10, 2006

Kathy Sedley

Kathy Harbin was born Thursday, March 10, 1949 at St Margaret Hospital, daughter of Charles Harbin and Thelma Harbin. She grew up in Carnegie and attended Carnegie Jr. High and Carnegie Sr. High. She graduated in 1967. Deciding then to live a life in service of other people, which she still does to this day on a daily basis, she attended St Margaret Memorial School of Nursing. She graduated in June of 1970.

She lived in the same house with her parents until the day she was married. A friend of my father's introduced her to Dan Sedley and on June 8, of 1974 at St John's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Carnegie they were married. On March, 11, 1977 she gave birth to me.

For 29 years she has encourged me in everything I do. In Jr. High I was the smartest soccer player on the field, I always knew the right position to be in. In High School she encourged me to run for Student Government. In college she encourged my Philosophy and Political Science double major. After college, when I knew she would rather me stay home she encourged my move to Indianapolis. In here first visit to Indianapolis after I moved out here, I remember her being in tears on my doorstep somewhat worried that my neighborhood wasn't the safest, yet she was positive throughout and wouldn't say those words aloud. In high school, none of the girls I dated were good enough for me. She fed my ego which still exists to this day. Now, every girl I date (few and far between, but still) sounds "lovely." This can only mean my taste has improved, as she is right more often than wrong.

Throughout high school and college she made our house in Mt Laurel, NJ a second home to any of her childrens friends. It still is a second home. To this day, my friends all still ask about her. They all have memories of huge dinners at our house or Sundays full of one appetizer platter after another. These friends also seem to be able to remind me of stories when she cut me down to size when my ego was getting to big, to the humor of everyone in the house.

For 29 years, she has been a constant friend, a source of encourgement, and along with my father the guiding influence in my life. Today is her birthday. Happy, Birthday, Mom.


kathy /MOM said...

Thank you so much,
Very proud of you.
Love MOM

scot said...

I am proud of you that you finally left your first comment!

Ray said...

Happy Birthday Kath! WooHoo!


tim. said...

I would fall into the category of Scot's friends who always knew the Sedley's as a second home. A transplant to Indy from S. Jersey like Scot, I still visit every time I'm home visiting my own parents, who still live just 2 minutes down the street. Don't even knock--it's just come in, hugs all around, apparently there's a beer in my hand already, and conversation like no time has passed. This is in large part to you, Kath, and it means alot. Yours has always been a safe, encouraging and fun place to be. Thanks for everything and Happy Birthday.

Eric said...

Happy birthday mom,

I know you didn't technically give birth to me, lucky you, I was a big baby (still am really), but that's only a minor technicality. I often felt that you worried more (or at least more loudly) about me than my own wonderful mother (whose birthday is tomorrow - and your son's).
Time spent in S. Jersey was never visiting, just spending it in another one of my homes. It certainly felt like home when you would scold me for letting Scot do something stupid even though you knew that I always did, and still do, everything possible to be the voice of reason. What can you do with kids these days?!

I don't know that I ever sent you a thank you note for the blender that you so generously gifted to me and Denise for our wedding almost 5 years ago (it was my responsibility so I'm almost certain you didn't get one). We loved it, used it often and then we broke it.

Happy Birthday again, I think about you and Dan often.

nico said...


I've never met you, but happy b'day Mrs. Sedley. If you helped shape Scot, you must be good people.

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Sedley! Have a great day.

katherine said...

Happy Birthday!
You and Dan always welcomed me with open arms, kept me in your thoughts, and shared your love of life with everyone who was lucky enough to be in your company. Although he didn't need reminding, I always reminded Scot of how lucky he was, and continues to be. I hope you and your family continue to be well; I wish you all the best!

Dan said...

Today has been quite a ride. In my memory, the best birthday Kath has ever had, thanks to Scot and friends!!!

kristin said...

Happy Birthday, Kathy!
I hope you had a wonderful day! Follow in my mom's example and celebrate all week!

best wishes and warmest regards,

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts.
The BD was very nice -- would have been better if all of you could have been here to share --- we could have had a cookout --- eat drink and be merry ---Get the IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care of the dear "boy" for me and we all know he needs taken care esp. since today is his BD.
Very proud of you Scot You are a constant encouragement to me also --- love you and miss you. MOM

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Happy way belated birthday, think of you often and so glad to find this. Shows you have had a wonderful life. Your old friend from your first ever nursing job . Sincerely Betty Marion Bennett