Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ash Wednesday.

Maybe I should have a more serious picture to the right at the start of the Lent season, but I couldn't help but chuckle when my google images search under "Ash Wednesday" brought up failed presdential hopeful John Kerry. At any rate today is Ash Wednesday, and the start of the Lent season. I will be leaving work today at 430 to make it down to St. Mary's to get my ashes before heading home for the day. Being a vegan, it's not so much an issue for me to not be eating meat or any of the other Catholic traditions that go along with lent. I have yet to figure out what I would be giving up for lent. The past few years I have not given up anything and when the chips fall this year, that will likely be the case again. My friend Zak is partaking in the "Lent and Change Challenge" where he will be giving up all fornication, booze, and ciggerrettes. He's even logging his progress on his myspace blog. Perhaps, I would join in his quest if only I didn't have a bottle of Jim Beam at home and a birthday coming up March 11. Not to mention the start of Formula 1 and Columbus Crew seasons in that period. And I just got my tickets to see Matisyahu Sunday evening! All those call for at least a cold beer to be toasted with friends. In moderation of course.

So, it's unlikely that I will actually be giving up anything this lent season, again. Instead, perhaps, hopefully, I will actually make something of it by spending more time this year than last actually reflecting on what this time of year is supposed to mean to me, specifically in regards to my faith.

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Chelsey said...

God knows we are all truly good.