Saturday, March 11, 2006

It's my birthday, angels

I got nothing really of substance to post today. It's my birthday. So far I have spent it in true slothful fashion. Well perhaps not. I woke up at 530 am to watch Formula 1 qualifying. The new format produced a lot of thrills and suspense. My buddy Ray is a new fan, I think. This was his first foray into Formula 1 after Spiegel and I persuaded him to give it a shot. I think he found himself entertained this am from what I could tell on our Google chat. Which reminds me Gmail is proof God loves us. If you need a Gmail invite let me know.

After Formula 1, I slept. I then watched the UltraSuperMighty Blackburn Rovers move up to 5th in the English Premiership with a 2-0 victory over Aston Villa.

After laundry and dishes I found myself getting carded for a 12 pack of Harp on Broad Ripple. 29 years old, yet forever young.

Tonight, will be the celebration. I will miss the 2nd half of my beloved Indiana Hoosiers against Ohio St in the Big Ten tourney for church. Hopefully, God will see me in church and smile upon IU. After that I will be going to Sakura. They don't have a website. Sorry. Sakura is my favorite resturaunt in the city. Japaneese place, and a boatload of vegan options for yours truly. More importantly, there will be 10 of us or so out to eat. It's about the company really. I feel truly blessed and lucky to have the group of friends I have out here, and I can not wait to smile and laugh with them at dinner as I usually do.

At 29, you don't really expect a birthday haul of gifts. However, my parents were overly generous as usual. In addition I purchased myself a bottle of a bottle of 1792 Ridgemont Reserve which is delightful, the Decalogue box set which I will be watching soon with some good friends and hope to have good discussion about, and this old belgian poster of the Godard film, Band of Outsiders, which I hope to frame and hang soon.

At any rate, happy bday to me! As I toast tonight, I will be thinking of all my friends who aren't around yet read this drivel!


nico said...

HFB Scot!

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