Friday, September 01, 2006

Weekend Quick Hits

This weekend will be for me, one of the greatest end of summer parties I could imagine. In Cincinnatti, my friend Brian is getting married. Friends who I have not seen over a year will be there. In our hotel room alone we have Tog, Kristi, Wilson, and myself representing Seattle, Columbus, Delaware, and Indy respectively. People from all over the country will be here for this one. I may be staying through the entire weekend, and possibly even seeing the Reds play the Giants on Monday. It shall be fantastic.

Speaking of basbeall, last nights Phillies loss had everything. Not just one, but two bullpen imposions (why is Arthur Rhodes still closing games?). A great moment (Howard setting the single season Phils homerun record) overshadowed by total ineptitude (the winning run in extra innings scored on a pased ball that doesn't even get behind the catcher!). An ex Phillie (Marlin Anderson) showing more heads up play last night in scoring the winning run than he did in his whole tenure with the Phils. And a blown chance to take the wild card lead. I love sports.

In keeping with my love of sports, I have noticed all around Indy signs for Notre Dame kickoff parties. The Mousetrap on Keystone, and Coach's Tavern downtown to name just a few. I wonder where these kickoff parties were the past few years, but I can't really complain. They claim to bleed Blue, Gold, and Green. And, at some point this season I will watch a game at one of these bars. I can't say much else about my expectations for the season as I am terrified and nervous as hell. So, I'll just say Go Irish.

In music news, the new Bob Dylan album is phenomenal. Musically it's great and picks up where Love and Theft left off. Personally, I would put Time out of Mind up against any of his albums from the 60's or 70's and say that it is at least as good. And while Modern Times hasn't hit me on that emotional level just yet, it still is well worth a listen. And, yes, you can understand what he is saying. It really doesn't even take much effort.

Also on the music front. The new Justin Timberlake leaked. It's the funnest album of the year. Sexyback is the single of the year. The rest of the album is nearly as fun and danceable. I love it. And I love Dylan, and I see nothing wrong with that.

Arthur has started an Indianapolis Bloggers Ring. There is a handful joined up so far. Probably more to come. The blog ring link has been added to the side bar.

Finally, on a somber note, Actor Glen Ford passed away earlier this week at age 90. I was lucky enough to watch the classic Western 3:10 to Yuma last week and loved Ford's performance, and was ready to search out many more of his films after watching that. So it was odd, when just a few days later I saw his obituary. Tim over at Xanadu has a nice writeup on some hilights from his career and his reactions. RIP, Glen Ford.

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Arthur said...

Ah, everyone loves a spam comment. I like how it's called "secret shopping." And yes, it's scary to think that Notre Dame fans might actually have expectations. Kind of like being a Colts fan now. It was almost (not really though) more fun when nothing was expected. Than every win was a miracle.

Anyways, I wanted to drop by and say thanks, because your blog produced a new member in the ring. It's the first one that I haven't checked out on my own and invited. So thanks a lot man. I appreciate it. Hope all is well. Later!