Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday Quick Hits

Is it absurd that I am addicted to Project Runway. Or do I just adore Heidi Klum.

No need to really answer that.

Pop Matters has a decent Fall Movie Preview. I gotta say, there are several that I am excited about this coming fall. In no meaningful order what excites me most are...

1. Babel
2. Marie Antoinette
3. The Fountain
4. Pan's Labryth

And that's not even to mention the Viva Pedro series A Pedro Almodovar retrospective that will show 6 or 7 of his films up at the Landmark Theaters in Castleton starting October 13th.

It's been a strange week for articles on churches. First the Time article, and then this article on a hipster church in Salon. It's long. But interesting and worth a read. You have talk of repopulation. Hellfire and brimstone preaching. Tatoos. And a lot of stuff that leaves me scratching my head that I may think more about in less busy times.

On sports...Notre Dame vs Michigan this weekend. I hate Michigan about as much as the New York Mets. So I am far to nervous to even talk about that game. Or the Phils wildcard chances. But I fully expect the Eagles to inflict the deepest darkest depression upon the Giants after a dominating and demoralizing victory this coming Sunday.

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