Monday, September 25, 2006

Lost and Found

Sometimes my own absentmindedness stuns even myself. After working all day Sunday on my day off at the museum I decided to hit the Fox and Hound to watch the Eagles dominate and demoralize the 49ers. I only had one beer since I had an indoor soccer game that evening at 9pm. Around 630, with the Eagles in complete control I wind up heading out to leave and realize I have no idea where my keys are. Fantastic. I look around, check the bathroom, check the car. Nowhere to be found. Ask if any have been turned in, it's a negative.

I wind up calling a friend for a ride back to my place. I get what I think is my spare key, but it's to a differenr car apparently. After some pleading with her, I am able to borrow her car. It's 830. Just run home quickly, get a change of clothes and be at my game for kickoff. I get home and am locked out. Terrific. Of course my house and car keys are on the same chain. I miss the game, our last game of the session.

Eventually, around 10pm, just as our indoor team's game was ending I get a ring from the Fox and Hound. They found my keys. They had been there all along, someone just put them in a different lost and found drawer. But, the Eagles both won. The Philadelphia Eagles and the indoor soccer Eagles. So, all is not lost.

Now, we are just in the process of trying to get a team together for the next session. I hope our goalie returns my call and is game.


mike said...

if you need a couple guys, let me know.

but we're not goalies. or good. well, we're ok. maybe.

scot said...

I think we might be good on field players for now, but i will know in the necxt few days and give you a holla.

Arthur said...

Man, that sucks. You sound like my mom. Only she locks her keys in the car. With it running. If you get to that point, you know you're in trouble.