Friday, January 19, 2007

Thank you to INtake

Late Wednesday I got a call from a friend who yelled, "What are we not friends anymore?" I was confused, and then she alerted me that the new issue of INtake was around Broad Ripple and she saw my picture in it and was offended I didn't tell her earlier that would happen. For those who are concerned we have mended our friendship and even watched an episode of the OC together last night. And we even briefly debated whether Jim and Pam from The Office is really true love.

Enough of that. Thanks to Matt Gonzales and Michelle at INtake. Thanks also to Key Cinemas for opening a bit early and letting us photograph there. For those who haven't seen the story, you can find it here. Matt gives a breakdown of many of Indianapolis's better blogs. Please check it out and visit some of the blogs too. There is some very good stuff there. And, truthfully, at the risk of sounding sappy, I feel lucky to be lumped in with them.

And if you are visiting here after reading that article, thanks for stopping by. There is a lot of ramblings on film all through here, and I have labeled some of my sports posts too, which are mostly me moaning about the sad state of my Philadelphia teams or US Soccer. Maybe you'll find something you like.


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