Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Screening Log

Because I have seen this done elsewhere, and mainly for selfish reasons, I am gonna link a screening log to my sidebar. I want to have one place where I can look at all the movies that i have watched in 2007. I write capsule revies for probably close to 75% of them, but still, I feel that I should have one quick reference click. All movies I watched will be in the comment field. Obviously, as always, feel free to leave comments on any of the films.


scot said...

January 3 - Sweet Land

January 5 - That Obscure Object of Desire

January 7 - The Death of Mr. Lazarescu

January 9 - Le Samourai

January 11 - Children of Men

January 14 - Harlan County USA

January 15 - The Best Years of Our Lives

January 16 - Old Joy

January 18 - Volver

January 18 - Masculin Feminin

January 19 - The World

January 20 - Gun Crazy

January 21 - The New World

scot said...

January 24 - Three Times

Tim Froh said...

What'd you think of The Best Years of Our Lives, which is Wyler's masterpiece and one of the greatest films to ever come out of Hollywood?

scot said...

I think you summed it up right there, tim. I simply can't imagine a film like that coming out of today's hollywood system. I was completely wrapped up from beginning to end.

scot said...

January 27 -

For Ever Mozart - d. Godard

scot said...

January 28 -

[b]51 Birch Street[/b]

scot said...

Brick d. Rian Johnson

scot said...

January 29 -

Spirit of the Beehive

scot said...

February 1 -

[b]Macao[/b] - Von Steinberg and Nicolas Ray (uncredited)

scot said...

February 3
Tony Takatani

scot said...

February 4 -
The Asphalt Jungle

scot said...

February 6 -

Manderlay - d. Lars Von Trier

only the first 4 "chapters" though hope to finish it today.

scot said...

February 7 -

Manderlay Chapter 4 through the end.

scot said...

February 9


scot said...

February 11 -

February 12 -
[b]Early Summer[/b] d. Ozu

scot said...

February 13 -

Floating Weeds

Man on Fire

February 14th

Breakfast at Tiffany's

scot said...

February 16th


scot said...

February 18

Border Incident

scot said...

February 23

The Marriage of Maria Braun

scot said...

February 27

The Bycicle Thief

scot said...

February 28

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

scot said...

March 1

The Racket

scot said...

March 2-3


scot said...

March 4

The River

scot said...

March 5 - 6

Half Nelson

scot said...

March 7


Easily the worst film I have seen this year!

scot said...

March 8

The Passion of Joan of Arc

scot said...

March 11

Tell Me Do You Miss Me

scot said...

March 13

Battleship Potemkin

scot said...

March 18


scot said...

March 25


April 1

Miami Vice

April 4


April 7

Land of Plenty

April 10


scot said...

April 15

His Girl Friday


Deep Blue Sea

scot said...

April 18 - Imitation of Life

April 20 - Closely Watched Trains

May 2 - Odds Against Tomorrow

scot said...

May 5 - Black Book

scot said...

May 10 - Harakiri

scot said...

May 11- Red River