Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cougars Update

It's been a while and you may be wondering what happened to the premier indoor soccer outfit in all of Indianapolis, the Eagles. Well, truth told, we finished 7th out of 8 teams last season. Have no fear though.

The Eagles, much like Voltron, have morphed into a new outfit and are now the Cougars. There are a 4 or 5 holdovers from last sessions fan favorites, and plenty of new faces. The season started off last Sunday at 11pm with a 6-2 defeat. A bit unlucky of a result if I say so myself, we'll blame it on the start time and maybe the new faces needing to get adjusted to one another.

So, move on to this past Sunday when the Cougars had to play none other than Barcelona (can you believe it?). Luckily the Cougars seemed to have got it together and pleased the 10 or so fans that showed up and came out with a 3-2 victory. The game could have easily ended 9-3 or so, but finishing still seems to be a bit of a problem for the Cougars. Luckily there is a bye week this week before we resume play the following week.

We are working on t-shirts for our lady fans that say Cougars Meow. Maybe. But if so, they will definitely be hot!


Jim said...

11 p.m. kickoff? My guess is that you're playing at Off the Wall, where I used to play on Sunday nights. Those can be brutal.

scot said...

Sportszone actually. And yeah, absolutely brutal. Had to ice my knees till 3am instead of the typical 11pm!