Monday, October 02, 2006

Back From South Bemd

It will be back to work starting today for a crazy month after my last real excusrion of the summer, even though I guess it's technically fall. My dad came out last Thursday evening and we went up and visited his alma matter, Notre Dame and caught the Notre Dame vs Purdue football game.

As expected Notre Dame had their less than impressive victory against an inferior opponent. They only beat Purdue 35-21 after being ahead 28-7 with a minute left in the first half. In addition we got absolutely drenched for most of the third quarter. But that added some character to the game, truth told. And I have viewed too many soccer games in the pouring rain to be too bothered by it.

Regardless of the actual outcome of the game there is something special about being on Notre Dame's campus for a football weekend. Especially when my father graduated from the school. And when you live 700 some miles from home and the football weekend is one of two times a year you actually get to see family. As for the campus itself, it's one of those places where even if the football team was absolute crap, something would still be special about a football weekend up there and keeps me hoping that these trips remain a tradition each year.

At any rate, hopefully this week I will get back to some regular writing. It's scary movie month, and I finally got around to watching Wim Wenders Don't Come Knocking so yeah.

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