Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Innocence Mission still makes beautiful music.

My birthday is this Sunday, March 11.

There are very few things I will be getting for myself, because I am not very rich these days. But one thing I will get is the new cd by The Innocence Mission. There are very few bands out there that have the capability to make me so optimistic just by the sound and lyrics of their music. I am a natural cynic, in my faith, in my relationships, in every area. Something about Don Peris' lyrics and wavering guitar meshing with the voice of Karen makes me think that everything will be okay. Even in songs about love or loss, ground where I usually tend to wallow, I find something entirely different when I listen to The Innocence Mission. A favorite album of theirs for me has to be Glow. I've tried, but am unable to do anything other than completely slow down when I here the opening guitar line of That Was Another Country. Everything else just stops.

The new album, We Walked in Song will be released March 13. here is an mp3 of a track of the new album Listen, learn, and love.


andyhorbal said...

They're from my hometown, they are!

scot said...

Very nice! I grew up in South Jersey and had many friends from out in the Lancaster area who were quite familiar with them, but I have had few people out here in Indiana actually know of them.