Tuesday, March 13, 2007


So there has been a ridiculous lack of posts lately. For once this has to do with me being exceptionally busy. The past 10 days have been filled mostly with 12-13 hour days at the museum as we switched to a new ticketing software. Ridiculous. But that should be dying down this week.

In the meantime, I turned 30. Much like New Years Eve a holdiday that is always preceeded for me by an extremely busy week of work I was too tired to plan any real large party of anty sorts. So, it was a very low key weekend. This actually was really nice. Low key weekends are terrific when you are getting old.

I did run about 3 and a half miles sunday morning. That made me wish I got a Segway for my birthday. I did follow that up with a nice breakfast at Three Sisters Cafe As far as gifts go, my parents were very generous as usual. I also got Spirit of the Beehive which I am thrilled about, Nelly Furtado's newest cd which for some reason I love, and fittingly a glorious televised 3-0 triumph by the Columbus Crew. What a fitting scoreline.

To finish up the weekend I watched the wonderful documentary Tell Me Do you Miss Me with friends as we mourned the end of Luna but got excited to see Dean and Britta at the Music Mill next Tuesday, which will be my actual celebration.

Not a bad weekend at all. Now hopefully work and life can go back to normal.


Jim said...

Belated Happy B-day, and welcome to the 30+ club.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday dog! welcome to the dirty thirty. shit, am i still thirty? anyways, i'll be cooking you up a present soon. any word on the job situation?


Arthur said...

Hey, happy birthday. Three Sisters catered at my wedding reception. Not that this has any relevance, just thought I'd throw that out there.

scot said...

Thanks everyone.

when/if I get married three sisters would be a suitable caterer for me. No doubt about it.

Tim Froh said...

Hey, happy birthday.

P.S. Not to brag or anything, but I'll be seeing Spirit of the Beehive in a brand new 35mm print, on a double feature with Frankenstein.

scot said...

tim, thats gonna be a helluva double feature. I am quite jealous.