Thursday, February 08, 2007

USA 2 - Mexico 0 . Again!

The United States Soccer Team has once again beaten Mexico 2-0. The latest win was yesterday evening in Glendale, AZ before 63,000 fans. It is a decent estimate that of the 63,000 fans that maybe 65% of them were cheering for Mexico, in the good ole USofA. That's fine with me. If Mexican fans want to pay all this money to see their team lose, it's just more money in US Soccer's bank. Thanks guys!

Three Things I liked about the game

1. Jimmy Conrad. I have liked this guy in MLS for a long time. I remember he had a very poor game in one of the lead up matches to the World Cup, and my ex-girlfriend said, "I never want to see Jimmy Conrad in a US uniform again." I told her to calm down and stated how he'd been the most consistent defender in MLS for a few years now. He played fantastic last night, even if you don't count the goal. It's great to see him play like this. While I am not sure he will be the go to guy in 3 years at the World Cup, he will be very valuable in qualifying.

2. Tim Howard. After some shakiness in the first 10-15 minutes he seemed to own the box. I never got the impression that Mexcico would score.

3. The US resolve and calm over the last 20 minutes. When Sanchez had three out and out forwards on the field for Mexico, and many of the USA players were getting their first taste of this rivalry, the US looked like the calmer veteran team. They patiently waited for the counter attack, and did not get drawn into ths slam dance that Mexican players always invite us to after they go down a goal and frustration takes hold.

And one thing I really did not like about the game

1. The refusal of Mexican players to shake hands again after the defeat. It's become a tradition of sorts where after a defeat the Mexican players will walk of the field defiantly. While, this is something that is common in some fiercer Eastern European rivalries such as Croatia vs Serbia, their has not been any ethnic clensing recently between the USA and Mexico. Only 2 or 3 US players remained on the team from the last time these two teams met. There is two brand new coaches. One would have hoped, or at least imagined that these circumstances would allow for some sportsmanship after the game, but the Mexican team had other ideas. It was a classless move. It's a rivalry, yes, and a very heated one. Still...


Tim Froh said...

I still remember when Jimmy Conrad was the second-worst defender on the Earthquakes, picking up Matt McKeon type numbers of yellow cards. To think we traded him for Arturo-friggin'-Alvarez. It was totally surreal to see him in the World Cup. I never would have imagined that.

Rome Explorer said...

It's great to see USA qualifying for the South Africa World cup 2010.
People underestimate the U.S. team as in the last 3 tournaments they actually have a very decent record.

Rome Explorer