Saturday, January 28, 2006

First Post

Everyone else is doing it so why can't I?

Depending on my mood I will likely be talking about films that I have seen, bitch about my beloved Columbus Crew and Philadelphia Phillies, and probably reflect on different goings on in the city of Indianapolis.

Why 64th and Broadway, Barcelona? Fair question.

I have lived in Indianapolis since 1999. I am 28 years old. So that's what, nearly a quarter of my life? I'm not very good with math. Anyway, Indianapolis is home now. I have come to love the city. At age 17, I never would have pictured living in Indianapolis or the midwest in general. Of course at age 17 I also believed the Philadelphia Eagles would win a Super Bowl in my lifetime. Youth is naive. But I digress...There are many people outside of Indianapolis who don't understand the city but feel a need to characterize it as an uncultured midwestern wasteland. they may see it as flyover country. Maybe a stopping point on the way to something bigger. It's not unique to those outside of Indianapolis though. Sometimes there is that sentiment among those who live here as well, among those who call it home. Everyonce in a while I may be talking to friends or aquaintances out of state and they'll ask about Indianapolis, curious about the city, curious about why I chose to live here. I'll tell them Indianapolis is great, that it is the Barcelona of North America.

Why 64th and Broadway? No, it's not my adress. I don't even know what's there. But it's a mythical magical place. And thats enough

Love the place you are in. I wouldn't change my decision to move to Indianapolis at all. It's my home now. I hope it remains so for a long time.

Random Sports thoughts...

- I have no idea what Pat Gillick is doing with my beloved Phillies. I am no Jason Michaels fan but that trade strikes me as pointless. The Phils get back Arthur Rhoades which leaves the back end of the bullpen about 90 years old. And they say this gives them the flexibility to move Madson to the rotation. That strikes me false as well. Madson was a long relief/7th inning guy last year. Rhoades is being brought in as an 8th inning guy to hand the ball over to Gordon with the lead still. Possibly Geoff Geary takes Madson's role. I can only hope so.

- The Crew's home opener will be a 4pm game on ESPN. April 15. Set your Tivo's. I think it's gonna be a great year for the Crew. You can read about my agony and ecstasy all season here.

- Saw the Pacers last night lose to the Cavs, I really don't think with the current roster the Pacers make the playoffs. How disapointing.

- In Formula 1 McLaren is already having engine problems, and I can't help but laugh. 40 some days to the season opens in Bahrain.

- Tomorrow the US National Team plays soccer live on ESPN2 at 5pm vs Norway.

And finally....

The game being at 5pm actually should give me time to go down to the Indiana State Museum and see an exhibit. The museum in honor of the 50th anniversary of James Dean's death has a photo exhibit, James Dean Comes Home I look forward to seeing that. Which reminds me....

DVD's to watch in the next few Days include East of Eden, Yojimbo, and Dark Water.

Hopefully I will have time to write something about those as well as the exhibit at the state museum.