Tuesday, January 31, 2006

East of Eden

So I figure I may as well post on East of Eden. Why? Well after watching it Sunday evening and Monday morning I am pretty sure it's in my 10-20 favorite movies of all time. And I figured I would have a poster up of it that is foreign in order to improve my standing as a true man of culture. Or something like that.

I was talking to my friend Paul at Barnes and Noble last night. Paul rates this film easily in his top 3, btw. We were discussing James Dean's role in the movie. We both agreed that when you watch Rebel Without a Cause you sorta feel let down a bit by it. You understand it's significance, but it doesn't hold weight as a truly great film. But, East of Eden, definately holds weight as a great film, and it's not just for James Dean's performance.

Elia Kazan directed this film. From the very beginning you have the feeling that the camera is gonna be stationary on scenes and if moving it will be moving slowly. The film opens with an Overture which seems to go on forever if you don't expect it. The shot is stationary on the Pacific Ocean and an Island before moving slowly towards the main land.

Throughout the movie I also noticed the lighting and shadows. So many times Cal (Dean) would be in conversation in a room with Abra, Aron, or his father and the shadows behind them on the wall seemed enormous and even menacing to me. It seemed to give certain scenes an extra bit of tension. Another way Kazan seemed to create tension was a very minimal tilting of the camera. I think back to a shot where Cal's father is having him read the Bible at the dinner table, trying to make him repent or tell him why he had more or less vandelized one of his father's workspaces. In the commentary that was included on the disc, the critic seemed to think that was an unneccessary tactic, or it was forced. It may have been unneccssary, I think the actors pulled it off well enough on their own, but I still liked the shot.

I also love the story itself. I never read the novel, I can't say I really plan too either truth told. But, I found myself completely caught up in the grip off the story. I wasn't an overly rebelious teenager. I felt very loved by my parents, but something about Cal searching for his father's acceptance, well, those sorts of stories are timeless. They are always happening somewhere. The brief scenes showing the beginnings of his relationship with his mother, and then his relationship with his brother and Abra also sucked me in. In particular his with Abra, but I am sappy as hell anyway. There is a ton more that can be written about this, movie, but I can't do it justice. I should also mention though that I found the score for the movie perfect. 5 stars, highly reccomended, etc etc. Truth told, at some point I will likely buy the DVD, this is definately one I'd like to wown and watch repeatedly.

Other stuff...

Apparently Columbus Crew is bringing in one of my least favorite players of all time, Chris Carrieri as a non roster invitee to training camp. Please, Sigi do not sign this guy. I know the team is desperately short on strikers, but my word do I hate Carrieri. Ugh. Sometimes being a sports fan stinks.

Hopefully, if everything goes well and Dorse is able to get the tickets I will be seeing Andrew Bird Saturday night in Bloomington. That should be a great show, and I think will be the first concert I have been to in 2006.

Once upon a time The Verve was my favorite band. I still have a poster of Urban Hymns in my room. I still celebrate their entire catalogue. Since their breakup Richard Ashcroft has yet to make a great album. Pitchfork gives the new album a good solid 2.0 out of 10. It can't possibly be that bad. It just can't. But then again, I almost never agree with Pitchfork. I have no idea why I even visit their site anymore.

The State of the Union is tonight. Thank God I am working. However as I am typing I realized this may overlap into Scrubs. Crap.

That's it.

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