Saturday, May 05, 2007

Norwalk Dispatch part 1

So, yes. I am less than a week into the largest change of my life. Moving halfway across the country and knowing nobody in my new town. But stuff has gone relatively well so far. The move itself went well enough with help from my father as we loaded up the U-Haul and had two relatively uneventful days of driving before getting to our destination in Norwalk. Before all that, the goodbyes in Indianapolis were just as hard as I had imagined they would be. But at the same time, I know I will see and hear from those people again. So, I can't be too sad. Indianapolis, will be what I consider home still for a long time, but I am adapting to Norwalk alright in the first week.

The apartment has started to come around a bit, with a bit of a film motif in the front room with two Godard film posters (In Praise of Love, and Band of Outsiders), A Virgin Suicides poster, and a Van Gogh print over in the "dining" area. At just over 400 sq feet, there isn't a ton to work with, but I don't have a ton of stuff so thats okay. As I look over towards my kitchen area, I like the exposed brick near my oven and sink, but I do not so much enjoy my oven yet which does not seem to be calibrated to the right temperature. Either that or my freezer is set at mega freeze. I also am getting used to doing dishes in a single basin sink, which is not my favorite thing in the world, but I will get used to that.

The one piece of furniture, an old chair from Indy, that I was gonna bring out turned out to have become moldified on the bottom after sitting in our basement. So, the one chair I have here now is a directors chair. Luckily come mothers day weekend I will be recieving a chair from some friends and possibly a two top table. Then, the apartment will be all in order.

The town itself seems to be great, if a bit expensive. Amenities, etc nearby include...

Work - 0.7 miles or less than a 15 minute walk
My bank - less than a 5 minute walk
Library - right across the street
The Stand - A juicebar/vegan and raw food resturaunt less than a five minute walk
Garden Cinemas - Norwalks local art movie house, less then a five minute walk
Trader Joes - 4 Miles away
South Norwalk - The trendy nightlife place of Norwalk, a twenty minute walk, or a two minute busride.

This isn't to mention the numerous other resturaunts, latino groceries, and numerous other amenities within walking distance.

Now, if only I could find a church to suit my liking to worship on Sundays, all would be complete.

But, this weekend I will visit the large Catholic church across the street for Mass. I will check out the Stand for a vegan Brunch on Sunday, I will visit Garden Cinemas to see Black Book which I have wanted to see for a while. And earlier in the week I think I have found my local for happy hour once or twice a week. I don't forsee myself going for too much nightlife as the bars are expensive. But, thats okay. It's better for me that way anyway.

I'll be living without cable at least through December when I will have my car paid off, and possibly longer as I pay back some loans to my parents who very graciously forwarded money to me for the move. In the meantime, I still am keeping my Netflix account up and running. I hope to get down to NYC (a 55 minute train ride) for some films or New Haven maybe. And hopefully I will get this blog back up and running a bit more regularly as I am getting settled in again. For the meantime, I will be keeping the name as is, since Indy still has my heart and I love that town. But thats all subject to change.


Tim Froh said...

Best of luck with the change of scenery. I'll be on the move as well next year so I'll be in the exact same boat.

scot said...

Thanks Tim. I say move to NYC so I have someone to visit there.

Let's also add to the proceedings tonight that my bedroom got flooded when the sink backed up upstairs!

yeah! Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Jim said...

Glad to hear that you're settling in, Scot. Norwalk sounds pretty nice.

Nico said...

Being able to walk many places is fantastic. I have that luxury now and I almost fear moving somewhere else because I can't imagine becoming a slave to my car again.