Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Surprises, a move to Norwalk, CT.

So, first post here in thtee weeks. That is disciourging. But stuff has just been extremely busy recently and been full of surprises. The main surprise came a few weeks back when I got a call from an old friend who advised me to put in an application at a museum in Norwalk, CT. He mentioned that with my resume, I'd immediately be one of teh top candidates. So I took his advice. Next thing I knew, travel arrangements were being made for a trip out theer for an interview. Shortly afterwards, I recieved and offer. And now after much deliberation and thought, I will be moving to Norwalk, CT on April 30. It's rather crazy.

I was talking to a friend on the phone on Easter. She said, "Kristin told me you were moving to CT. I couldn't believe it. I said, Scot is the most Indianapolis person I know and he's not even from here." That was a strange thing to hear. But flattering at the same time. To friends in this city and friends outside of the city I have been a huge advocate or campaigner for Indianapolis. I love the city. I love the way of life that can be had living in this city. I am not more than 10 minutes from the center of downtown and have cheaper rent than should be legally allowed for the city. I am just 25 steps from my favorite bar ever. But most of all, I just have been really fortunate and really blessed to have met the people that I have met in Indianapolis. Through several different jobs, my church, and numerous connections of friend's friends I have been surrounded by a community that is really hard to leave behind.

At the end of the day however, it came down to the fact that I have an exciting opportunity to move ahead professionally in a way that just wasn't happening for me in Indianapolis. Beyond that, the friends that I have been blessed with here will not change. I know that I am still gonna be in contact with them, even if the dynamic does change a bit due to distance. If things fall completely apart in Norwalk I could always move back to Indianapolis and have very little fear of coming straight back into the community that I am leaving behind here.

So, Norwalk? Where the hell is it? What the hell is it. Norwalk, according to wikipedia, is the 6th largest city in Connecticut. According to the city slogan, it is "The Right Place, The Right Time." It is a "bedroom community" of New York City, just about 45-50 minutes outside the city. Virtually every resturaunt that I walked by was Zagat rated, so I imagine there are good eats to be had. Norwalk is bordered by Long Island Sound, so I will actually see water again. And beyond all that, it is just 2 1/2 hours away from the rest of my family in South Jersey which is also a plus.

Granted the cost of living is of course much higher out there than in Indianapolis. And given the quick nature of the move I will be living my first few months very much on a shoestring budget while attempting to pay back some loans I have taken from my parents for security deposit for the apartment and other moving costs. But once I get beyond that, I am very much excited to be so close to New York City and possibly spend a Sunday afternoon taking the train into catch a show at Film Forum or maybe even go to MOMA and see all 15 1/2 hours of Fassbinder's Berlin Alexanderplatz. These are opportunities that I am very excited about. And yes, I know that I will miss Fassbinder at the MOMA, but I also know that other events are sure to come that will be very exciting.

So it's into the last 3-4 weeks in Indianapolis, now. And I must say I am not looking forward to the goodbyes. It's all bittersweet, to be sure. There is excitement, sure, and nervousness as well. But all the same, I just hope to make the best of my last few weeks here, and with help from my friends I don't think that will be too hard of a problem.


Jim said...

Wow, Scot. Congratulations on the new opportunity. I'll be sad to see you go, but I'm happy to hear that you are embarking upon a new journey.

I think it's spot on to say that you're one of the "most Indianapolis people" that I know. Thanks for not turning your nose up at what is a great town to live in, despite its flaws.

If you have the time, please join the Beer Geeks for a cold one before you move to CT.

scot said...

Thanks, Jim.

I'm not sure what the next several weeks have in store as far as my schedule, but I would love to drop in with the Beer Geeks one last time.

I'll be dropping you a line soon!

Nico said...

Congrats Scot!

Now I have another person to hang out when I (hopefully) do an internship just north of NYC next year.

Mike said...

Congrats and good luck. Your Columbus Crew will be lost without you so close.

Mike said...

I failed to point out that your Columbus Crew are going to lose this week.

scot said...

I have spoken to the Crew, Mike, and they have agreed to send me off with an undefeated April. They didn't say anything about goals though, so it may all be goaless draws like the opener.

RSL is doomed.

Oh, and thanks on the congrats.

And you to, nico. Whereabouts in NY is the internship gonna be.

Roll Bama Roll said...

If it happens, it'll be in Crestwood.

tony and jackie said...

You will be missed for sure. I sure hope you can get back here for the US Grand Prix's, this year, and many years to come!

Tim Froh said...

I was hoping you'd someday make it up here to Chicago. Oh well. Best of luck on the new journey.

scot said...

yeah, tim, me too.

Believe me this all happened faster than I could have imagined.

Jason266 said...

Congrats and good luck! I guess that means no more guest appearances with the beer geeks.

scot said...

sadly its probably true that i won't make any more guest appearances with the beer geeks, unless of course i move back in the future.

by then i am guessing you will all be local celebrities and i may just watch ya through the window. ;)

Kelly said...

Scot, I don't think I've ever officially met you, but I'll miss your insights about Indy. Good luck with all that happens!

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