Friday, December 08, 2006

US Soccer hires Bob Bradley

Huh. I had a whole 6 paragraphs expressing my confusion and disappointment over this hire. But shockingly, I seem to have lost it all except for the title.

I know it's only on an interim basis, still, I wish someone would tell me this was a joke. What a discourging hire.

The LA Times sums it us such...

"This is yet another grand opportunity missed by U.S.Soccer, and you just wonder how many blows it can keep taking."

It isn't all that mellodramatic. US Soccer will continue to exist, it's just very unlikely to move forward under Bradley.


Tim said...

You never know (although I would've preferred Yallop if we're going for MLS hirings).

What I'm more upset about is how poorly Sunil dealt with the whole coaching search to begin with. It really looks more and more like Peckerman, Erickson, et al were just smokescreens to give the illusion of actual competition for the position. The fact that Klinsmann appears to have been the only candidate ever really considered is really disheartening.

I also feel bad for Bob Bradley (although it's by his own choosing), since this is a highly undesirable situation for him. Imagine: the fans are already skeptical, suspicious, and angry with you (and you haven't coached a game yet), and you don't even know if you'll have the job in six months.

This whole thing reeks of bullshit.

Anonymous said...

The Fed is such a goddamn Mickey Mouse operation that it's not even funny anymore. I'm most upset about two things: (1) How could any coach of international stature take the USSF seriously after this b.s.?, and (2) We just lost a whole six months of player development at the senior level, and we're basically about to lose another six given that Bradley is only an interim coach.

What a bunch of crap.


scot said...

There is so much to be frustrated about here, that it's hard to even know where to start. Like Tim said, the smokescreen with Peckerman, Erikkson, and maybe even Quieroz is extremely disheartening. It also puts into perspective just how far this nation has to go to actually be a respected soccer country.

And that leads into what Jim mentioned, How can we expect to be taken seriously now? I mean if Queiroz or Houllier or any of those people had an inkling of curiousity about this job, what must they be thinking now.

By the time Bradley's trial is over we will have wasted a year that could have been used for player development. Meanwhile Mexico got their shit together and got a new coach months ago.


So, so frustrated.

Roll Bama Roll said...

Alabama football and US Soccer. Both of teams going down the tubes...