Monday, May 22, 2006

The Twilight Singers - Live @ the Vogue

Do you like your rock and roll slightly overweight, but with a metric ton of swagger? If so Twilight Singers might be the band for you. At the Vogue Sunday night Greg Dulli and band played selections from each Twilight Singers release and one from Dulli's solo album released last year.

The show predictably leaned more towards the material from Powder Burns released just last week. Indianapolis did me proud though as when I was looking around almost everyone near the front of the stage was shaking their ass, and/or singing along. Not too shabby for an album thats been on the shelf only one week. The new material was recieved very well but the largest ovation probably came during Teenage Wristband from the Blackberry Belle release just a few years back. As soon as the piano kicked in everyone was screaming, and ready to sing along. Dulli, even obliged the audience by giving thema few bars to sing on their own as he just stood back and enjoyed the scene. Playing with between 4-6 other band members, depending on the song, there was no doubt that Mr. Dulli was the man in charge. He chose mostly rockers for the evening. But the few times he slowed it down it was almost as if he was a gospel singer testifying from stage. Truthfully.

About Greg Dulli real quick. This guy is just a commanding stage prescence. His songs have an element of swagger as he takes on the persona of a very sex driven bad boy. On stage the complte picture comes into view. It's not as if he is extremely demonstrative in a Bon Jovi sort of way, he just has a menacing aura about him. At the same time you can tell that he loves what he's doing up there. You get the feeling you wanna hang out with the guy, but you don't wanna bring your girlfriend along since he'd likely seduce her right in front of you, leaving you powerless to object.

We saw one opener, Afterhours. These guys were amazing. Apparently they are Dulli proteges. They are from Italy. They play loud. They are Italian vampires with guitars. They are very, very good. Check them out.

The Vogue was only half full, but Dulli promised the crowd that he'd be back at the end. And as the show ended, from the looks on the faces all around me, I don't think anyone left disappointed.

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